12. Novembar 2015

Muftija Zukorlić u Sandžaku gradi najveću džamiju u Europi

Sandzak, Presevo Valley – Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlic’s guest appearance on Pink TV has attracted a considerable amount of public attention from the country and the region.

The media is particularly interested in the part of the show in which Mufti Zukorlic criticized Serbia and all those who live in it and declare themselves with the Serbian adjective. Adem Ljajic is, for the public and the media in Serbia, a “Serbian football player”, the policeman from Preševo, Recep Arifi is referred to as a “Serbian police officer” even though they both aren’t of Serbian nationality. 

“The policeman from Presevo ​​has become a global star because of his humane acts towards the refugee baby that was threatened. He hugged her, cuddled with her, and almost all the world’s media reported on it. Serbian media refered to Recep as a Serbian policeman while he made a statement on television declaring himself Albanian, barely able to speak the Serbian language. The point is this, as long as the officer is a “Serbian police officer”, as long as Adem Ljajic is the best “Serbian soccer star”, as long as the best “Serbian athlete” is Amela Terzic, there can be no positive emotions towards Serbia as a country, “said Mufti Zukorlic.

Mufti Zukorlić says that he isn’t of those who consider it a “Serbian army”, but rather the “Army of Serbia”,  instead of it being  “Serbian team” it’s the “team of Serbia,” not the “Serbian police”, but the “police of Serbia”. The reason, Mufti states is that the Serbian adjective is not a noun derived from “Serbia” but from the noun “Serb”. According to the lexical rules the adjective would read “Serbian” meaning it is derived from the noun “Serbia”, not from the adjective “Serbs” as nationality.

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