Anti-Islam Dutch politician converts to Islam


Njemačka, Amerika – Aden Tribune – The member of Hague municipal council and the former member of the right-wing Freedom Party, Ernaud Van Dorn, has announced his conversion to Islam through his account on Twitter last week, without delving into the circumstances of this sudden conversion, especially after being known for his declarations that oppose the spread of Islam over Europe.
Dorn wrote the Shahadah (The Muslim testimony that no one to be worshiped except God and Mohammed is His messenger) on his personal account on Twitter, to spread wild news across the Dutch daily newspapers and websites, and which was also addressed by the Belgian press, as reported by Netherlands International Radio.
The man was previously know for his hostility and severe hatred against Islam, which erupted tens of questions by his followers about his conversion, but Dorn stressed in his account on Twitter that he had converted to Islam already and he does not wish to delve more into the details of his conversion, as it is “a personal matter and should have privacy.”
In the same vein, the site confirmed the news talking about the conversion of Van Dorn to Islam, through a brief phone call followed the tweets. The site also contacted a Sunni mosque in the city of The Hague, which also confirmed that Van Dorn had visited the mosque in order to convert to Islam and that he had given permission for the mosque to permit this information.
The Dutch politician has expressed his condemnation on some replies of his followers who were mostly enjoying his anti-Islam tweets, saying that “it is unfortunate all these comments saturated with hatred and stupidity.” and thanked all those who supported and the gave positive reactions”.
Van Dorn was has been tagged as a key idea of anit-Islam in every election he fought, whether at the level of the Dutch parliament, the provincial council elections, municipalities, or the European elections.
Ironically, the mosque which confirmed the news of the conversion of Van Dorn to Islam, has been the subject of the right-wing Freedom Party extremists; as Fawaz Aljunied, the imam of the mosque, has been a target of attacks by the Dutch media and others of the Freedom Party, which Arnaud Van Dorn had been one of its most prominent figures.


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