An example for society: Teens clean town square of traces of “craziest night”


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Novi Pazar – A dozen members of the Muslim Youth Club took to the streets of Novi Pazar after the “craziest night” to clean the main square.

On January 1, members of the Muslim Youth Club,  took action, after Fajr, cleaning up the town square in Novi Pazar. While the majority of young people took part in the “wildest night” (New Year's Eve) these teens turned their attention to the cleanliness of their city and therefore stressed the importance of cleanliness in Islam.

“We are a well-organized youth association that will continue to help our city and make it an even better place to live. We are representatives of youth and we need to show by example the true values ​​and point out the bad. We are saddened by the fact that, last night, nightclubs and discos were full yet today the mosques are empty even though its  not a working day. Our goal is to guide those young people toward good  deeds and fill the mosques and turn them away from evil. “, the members of the MYC pointed out.

As a reminder, the Muslim Youth Club is a youth organization within the Islamic Community in Serbia.

The aim of the MYC is that all of its members and young people live in accordance with the Islamic values.

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