10. Decembar 2015


Novi Pazar, Serbia – A delegation from the Meshihat of Serbia led by President Dr. Mufti Mevlud ef. Dudic, spent the first day of their stay in Saudi Arabia engaging in official meetings.

First they performed umrah (paying visit to Kaaba and making tawaaf along with other rituals very similar to those during pilgrimage of Hajj), and then with their hosts from the Ministry of Waqf visited the World Islamic League – Rabita, where they met with the Deputy Secretary General, with whom they discussed the continued cooperation between the Meshihat and Rabita in the field of building mosques, scholarships for students, common seminars and sending imams for specialization in Mecca.

The Meshihat President thanked Rabita for everything they are doing in the world, especially for Muslims in Sandzak and Serbia.

After that, the delegation met with the General Manager of the company for the production of Kaaba covers, which  take eight months and are switched up on the 9th of every Dhul-Hijjah . Since the time of the Prophet p.b.u.h. this honor has been bestowed upon the family of Beni Shayba.

The hosts informed the delegation that 120 kg of gold and 100 kg of silver are used in the making of the Kaaba covers. After that, the delegation attended the making of these quilts.

After the first day of the visit the delegation traveled to Medina where they will stay for the next two days.














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